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A Guide for First Time Casino Goers

Playing in casinos, either land-based or online, is a lot of fun since you can play and take home money especially if it’s your first time. The adrenaline rush that comes with the thought will give you energy going inside.
But hold your horses first! There are some things that you need to learn before playing in casinos to avoid any type of hassle that you may encounter. Here, we are going to tell you about the things you need to know.

Check the minimum age requirement

Please don’t be surprised if you get stopped before going inside the casino since many establishments don't allow minors to play blackjack or poker with adults. This also applies to most if not all online casinos.
Because if they got caught letting underage players play their license might get revoked. Even online casinos won’t let you play teen patti live if you’re underaged, let alone register on the site. The age restrictions depend on the country that you're playing in. This can be between 18 to 21 years old. That’s why you always have to present an ID to prove that you’re legal in a casino.

Find out what the specific house rules are

Always learn the house rules of the casino to avoid getting into trouble with the authorities. Some places might ban photography or drinking while playing. That’s why you need to learn them by visiting the website to see them. Live casinos also have etiquette rules that most online casino players know.

Know the games you want to play

Research, research, research. That’s one of the vital things that you can do before trying out any casino. You need to learn about the games that you want to play and also don’t hesitate to ask any of the staff for any recommendations that they might have in brick and mortar casinos.

Take your time in deciding

Relax, take it easy. It’s your first time entering a land-based casino. That’s why you need to take a look around your surroundings and pick whatever game you might like: slot machine or poker. This is a place where everyone should enjoy it so you should enjoy it too.

Know your limits

Managing your money while playing a casino game might be hard especially if you are enjoying and having a great time. But always remember when to quit and go home if you don’t want to end up in a lot of trouble. You can just go home and play teen patti live with your friends.
That’s why you always need to keep your money monitored when you're playing to keep your savings safe. You can also bring a friend or family member to tell you when to stop playing. We know that playing in a casino might be exciting but you need to learn everything you can before going inside one to avoid any type of problem.
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Can you learn the rules for casino games at a casino?

Is it allowed to show up to a blackjack table not knowing the rules and expecting to learn by doing, for example? Are there specific areas/tables in casinos for learning? Is it expected for people to know all the rules and etiquette for games beyond the basic mechanics (i.e. don't go above 21)? Will you get removed for not knowing what you're doing?
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Bodog Canada Casino 100 free spins + 100% up to $600 bonus

Bodog Canada Casino 100 free spins + 100% up to $600 bonus
At Bodog Canada, every new casino player receives 100 free spins on Microgaming slots! Plus, new depositors get a 100% welcome bonus up to a hefty $600! For example, deposit $600 and play with $1200 free chips!
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Game Software and selection

The online casino side of Bodog is supported by two separate software providers. While Real Time Gaming might not have the newest or shiniest games out there, it provides sufficient variation when it comes to all your favorite classics. Thanks to the use of RTG you get a wide choice of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and video poker to keep you entertained. There are no live dealer games available at Bodog casino yet but there is a wide choice of everything else!
However, the real stars at Bodog are the Betsoft games. They are perfectly rendered movie-like creations, but besides feasting your eyes on them, you can also win money from them. It is a pretty sweet deal! In addition, Bodog offers a bunch of player guides to lead you through the process of picking a game, learning how to play it, and even following the etiquette of online casinos! And if that is not enough, every game has its own 'How to play' section and a detailed description, so you can go in prepared! Some of the slots that you have to try out are Cleopatra's Gold, Caesar's Empire and Madder Scientist, to name but a few.
It is important to note that Bodog does not cater to professional players, as can be seen in the amount of support and information they provide to their players, and the fact that the highest bets that one can make at one go do not go over C$500. This is a casino that caters specifically to recreational players, even giving them the facility to remain anonymous at the poker tables.
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Bodog Poker Review

Online poker betting is a big feature of online gaming and Bodog offers a medium-sized poker room for fans of the game. While you can only play up to 15 tables simultaneously, that fits in with the ethos of the casino and its dedication to recreational players. When it comes to poker, Bodog also offers anonymous tables where no one know the others' online handle and everyone is given a number. In this way, the odds are evened out. This might not seem appealing to pro players but recreational players will find it a refreshing breath of air compared to other poker rooms. There is also a number of poker tournaments organized by Bodog poker room over the span of each year, which are a good place for more experienced players.
The thing about playing poker on Bodog is that if you do it from your computer, you have to download the Bodog app. That does have its advantages, as having the Bodog app allows you to also access the whole range of Bodog casino games, so once downloaded, you can play both poker, and everything else, straight from your computer. Signing up for Bodog's poker room can also make you eligible for a bonus of up to C$1,000, so it is a good place to start if you are a new player just getting into poker.

Bodog Sports review

Bodog sports betting is one of the best sites to go to if you are into betting on sports and you live in Canada. Football, basketball, hockey are all to be expected in a sportsbook but Bodog also offers political bets, and even wagers on topics connected to Entertainment. For example, you can bet on who will win Big Brother Brazil or who will be the next Game of Thrones character to die in the series! This makes Bodog the right side for betting if you are looking for something less ordinary.

Bodog Mobile review

To play on Bodog from your mobile device, all you have to do is open up your browser and sign up for a Bodog online casino account. Since the latest overhaul of the website there is no software to download for mobile use, which is great news for Apple devices! This also makes the casino lighter and easier to use than many of its competitors. Basically, any mobile device capable of running html5 can be used to place bets on Bodog. So if you have an iPhone or an Android you will be able to access your Bodog account and play online poker or place bets on horse racing. If you prefer your iPad or your Toshiba tablet, you will do just fine with the Bodog mobile site.
What if you don't own the latest iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, or a Huawei P9? What if you are a Blackberry fan? Fear not, Bodog caters for you, too, with a mobile-optimized page that will open just right on your device screen! So even from your Blackberry, you can still partake in Bodog's mobile poker.
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Banking options:

Bodog does not offer a wide range of accepted banking methods, but it accepts some of the most popular ones, which makes up for the lack of variety. You can always use your Visa or Mastercard for deposits, even if they are anonymous prepaid cards. Another major payment method for Bodog online casino is the instant e-check and still another the Interac e-transfer, which allows you to use your online banking services to deposit.
The top withdrawal method for Bodog is actually via check. Bodog issues up to one fee-free check a month for up to C$3,000. Recently, the casino also introduced Bitcoin and now they even offer a tutorial describing how to create an account and use Bitcoin for betting. This can be a good method if you prefer to remain anonymous.

Security and fair play

To begin with, Bodog is regulated in Antigua, one of the world's top gaming regulators. Your information is heavily encrypted by 128 bit SSL, and you can even play anonymously at the poker tables - a feature that is not present in any other large casinos.
In terms of fairness, Bodog applies the latest randomizing technology which ensures that the games are completely random and unpredictable and you have the same shot at winning as anyone else. In addition, the casino does not make money from your losses but by raking the pot, so it is to everyone's advantage for you to keep winning!
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Promotions and customer support

Welcome bonus

Signing up to Bodog can earn you up to C$1,800 in bonuses if you follow the rules carefully. This is not a casino that will let you take home hundreds of thousands of dollars in winnings but it encourages its players to partake in all its different betting activities. To get the total of C$1,800 you need to bet at the bookmaking side of the website, the poker tables, and the slots, but even if you don't you will still get some bonuses for every part of the website you partake in. For example, signing up for the Bodog online casino can get you up to C$600 if you follow the conditions!

Loyalty program

Bodog has two separate loyalty programs. One is a point system directly linked to the amount of cash you bet on slots, casino games or blackjack. For example, for every C$10 you bet on slots, you get 2 points. And every 100 points give you a dollar in cash that you can then bet again.
The second program is the 94 Club, which is the VIP club for loyal members. It offers you extra rewards, bonuses, promotions and even events to exotic locations for being a member. You can get weekly bonuses and various giveaways as a member of the club.
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Progressive jackpots

As mentioned, this is not a casino for pros, so the highest jackpots currently up for grabs in the slots section do not surpass 10K. Most of the jackpots won recently are below 50K, so this is not a place to go if you like the thrill of fighting for millions. However, as the website's Big Winners section shows, there are big winners in Bodog every day, so the odds of winning are larger than usual.

Customer support

Bodog online casino offers 24/7 customer care support in both email and phone format. The site is in English, Portuguese and Spanish and there are also multiple detailed tutorials that can guide you through standard processes, game rules and even online casino etiquette. So whatever you need, you will definitely find it somewhere through the site or the helpful customer support staff.

Bodog review in 2020: Conclusion

The Bodog website is a big place which offers a number of different types of gambling. It uses two types of game software, which makes its games more interesting and diverse, and it has strong customer support all around the clock. It accepts a sufficient number of payment methods, including Bitcoin, which is gaining popularity rapidly and offers some strong welcome bonuses to start you off.
It is only open to Canadian players, works in Canadian dollars, and it does not accept professional players but that means that if you are a Canadian beginner or a recreational player, this casino is made especially for you. And whether you are into horse betting, sports betting, casino or poker, Bodog will offer you the best service and betting options on the market.
>> Get Free Spins Now <<
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A predicament.

Hi. I'm a 21 year old male and I've had some what of an interesting predicament. So I love to gamble, my favourite past time. Not going crazy ofc but a Saturday night at blackjack tables with friends and a couple drinks is absolutely my favorite thing all time. However one night me and my friends head to the casino, and it happened to be tax time, so the place is PACKED I mean drunk red necks packed. So finding a table with 4 empty spots, especially together was impossible, so we walked around seeing if things were clearing up. So a couple spots opened up at the 10 dollar minimum tables, which I don't like playing because if you go with like only a hundred you can lose very easily. But we play, and we are actually doing, but I keep eyeing down the 5 dollar tables and I notice the dealer. Looking at me, and we make direct eye contact, and I look away kind of nervously, thought about it and looked back, and she's dealing, finishes dealing looks up and notices me looking at her and now she smiles. And at the time I thought nothing of it. So eventually we decided to get off and get a drink at the bar, my friend and I walk around the casino tables, but I'm paying attention to the dealer at the five dollar table, and again more eye contact, as I walk bye, now I'm starting to clue in, so i start to fish a bit, I keep walking by the table and almost every time, we make that same eye contact. And finally I stand over the table watching the hands, and then, looks at me and my friend and says, " having a seat or what?" And we sit there and play for a couple hours. She was being kinda flirty with me at the table but nothing like too crazy. However this is where YOU can help. Am I over thinking this totally? How do I even wheel a blackjack dealer, because there is so much etiquette and rules dealers have to follow, I cant imagine I could get her to add her number to my phone at the table, or even ask what time she's off? I'd appreciate some help! Sorry if this is a bad format or whatever. I'm new to reddit.
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Advice for first timer at the table

Hey guys, I’m heading to a casino for the first time this weekend and I want to get to the blackjack table. I’ve been learning basic strategy and I’m not looking to count. How much time do you typically get to think about your turn? It takes time for me to make the right choice based on basic strategy. Also what is proper etiquette when it comes to the table. Thanks!
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I have a few questions regarding the game of Poker (very noobie) that I'd like a clear answer to

I have a set of questions regarding Poker (very beginnenoobie so please excuse me) that I'd like an answer to:

1) Does your odds of playing well change at all, if you play with lesser or more people? For example, let's say you only play with one other person on the table, essentially making it a 1 on 1. Would your odds be any different, if let's say you were playing with 5-6 other people? Is it always 'better' to play with more people?

2) When I go to a poker table to play, like any other table casino game, do I bring the cash and exchange for the chips at the table?

3) I frequent the casino but I've always been hesitant and afraid of going to a table because I am still a novice and I would feel scared playing with a bunch of pros. How would I go about looking for a poker table at a casino with beginners or avergae joes just like me, and not pros with big money?
4) Do all tables have a different MINIMUM/MAXIMUM bet? I'm seeing all these pro live videos on youtube and the amount these guys are betting is insane and intimidating to me. Are all tables like this, and do u have to bet huge amounts like these guys? What if I'm only willing to lose no more than $500 for the night?

5) Is there a minimum certain amount of time you have to play at the table? for example, other games like blackjack, hit and runs are pretty common where people just come in, play a couple hands, win and call it a wrap and leave. would doing that a poker table be considered rude/bad etiquette?

6) In the preflop where everyone is finding out what their 2 cards are, what happens if no one calls and everybody folds? does it just end there, and no one wins?
These are all the questions I had in mind for now. thanks.
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Going to the casino Saturday for my first time!

Going to the casino on Saturday and I’ve never been and I’ve never gambled besides w friends. I wanna walk in with 150 because that’s what I feel comfortable with losing. Since I’ve never been I wanna know some of the table etiquette I should know when playing. Also is 150 enough? I don’t think I wanna spend more then that.
Any advice is welcome!
EDIT: Just got back from the casino. Went in only wanting to spend 180 and I lost it all.. not to bummed it was actually very enjoyable. I only played blackjack and was there from 11-7. What really killed me is that I placed awfully small bets. I played way to conservative and stretched my money out so I could enjoy it. Anyways thank you all for the advice! It was definitely helpful:)
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ELI5: What to do/how to act at a casino

I've never really gambled at a casino, only people watched, but I plan on getting some action going my next trip, just want to know the proper etiquette, I know nothing e.g. how do you join a poker or blackjack game, do you tip dealers, do you tip the free drink waitresses, basic table etiquette, the different type of poker and blackjack games buyins rules etc
Basically I want to play some poker and blackjack, maybe some others (recommendations?) without embarrassing myself, insulting othersr losing too much money!
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My Gambling Addiction Story

Hey everyone, long time reader, first time posting. First off I want to thank everyone who has posted their stories and situations. It's really helped me when I have a temptation to gamble. I've read many threads here and I've mustered up the courage to post my story. I hope it helps or gives some insight to anyone struggling with a gambling addiction.
I'm sure my story has been told through someone else's eyes a thousand times but mine is unique to me. My road to destruction all started back in October of 2017. My soon to be ex wife and I were sitting on the couch one evening when she looked over at me and said she wanted a divorce. We have been married a little over 6 years and have 4 beautiful children. I won't go into details but we've had our problems since day one. I will say while we were married I was an occasional casino goer but nothing serious. She didn't like going and I would go 3-4 times a year with a buddy and always enjoyed going. I never considered it a problem through our marriage and it has nothing to do with our divorce.
So within a week I was moved out of my house and living with a friend. I was desperately trying to talk her into working things out, getting some counseling, and restoring our marriage. She wasn't budging though and all this quick and sudden change was destroying me inside. My visits with the kids were really tough because they were in my home that I had left. My whole life felt as if it were falling apart.
A month had passed and I realized I had to start looking for a place of my own. I needed somewhere to spend time with my kids where memories weren't so strong and I could focus on them. I found an apartment within 4 miles of my home and it just seemed perfect for my situation. I talked to the landlord and I would need $900 by the end of the month (now December of 2017) for my deposit and first months rent. I had no money in savings but had a little truck that was basically an extra vehicle. So I sold it for $1200 and had the money needed to make the move.
That weekend I was at my friends house where I was still living, it was Saturday night, and I was dreadfully bored and consumed with thoughts about my situation. I was most definitely suffering from depression from my family situation. Then the thought popped into my head, "why don't you head down to the casino and use the extra $300 you've got and have a little fun. You deserve it." I put on some nice clothes, gathered my things and headed to Hollywood.
As I walked in I remembered how much I enjoyed the casino. The smell, the lighting, being able to smoke cigarettes inside, and the whole general atmosphere of people having a good time. My troubled mind soon became cleared, awake, and alert, ready to hit the blackjack table. At that time I didn't have much experience and preferred the electronic dealers, plus it was a lower minimum at $5 a hand.
I sat down, ordered a beer, opened my fresh pack of smokes, and went to work. About an hour had passed after countless $5, $10, and $15 dollar bets and I had about $40 more than I started with. I had made a couple friends that were sitting next to me and I was having a great time. Something in me told me to make a $40 dollar bet and double up the winnings. If I lost it, hey, just right back to where I started right? I could feel the adrenaline and dopamine pumping as I pushed the $10 bet 4 times. Bets were closed, cards were dealt. Wouldn't you know it I hit blackjack and won $60 off the bet and was up a hundred bones. I felt like a million bucks!! As the night progressed I ended up being up $250 dollars and decided to cash out and head home. The whole trip home all I could think about was how good it felt to have an extra $250 in my pocket and how much I enjoyed the experience.
That following Monday I went over and paid my $900 security deposit and first months rent. The place was mine! In the midst of my sorrow this made me happy to have a place to spend time with my kids without being reminded of my old life. A fresh start. I went back home and started hatching out a budget and seeing how I needed to manage my finances to make life work. I figured up what I would need to have initially, that way when I moved in I'd already be on track. After tallying it all up, adding and subtracting money in my bank account and the cash I had I, I was a couple hundred short. Now I could have tweaked some numbers, sold some of my collectibles I own, but my mind instantly said, "head down to Hollywood and try and make that dough.... you'll have fun in the process too!" It was a no brainer in my mind so off I went.
Same old story walking back in. It was like a sensory overload, an old friend who was always there to make me happy and leave my troubles at the door. To the electronic blackjack machine I went! After a few hours had passed I had found myself up a few hundred again. I had realized I had enough money to cover my budget startup and told myself I should leave. I did, but this time it was a bit harder to force myself to leave. The thought of staying and winning more was stronger. I said to myself "don't get greedy" and walked out the door. The ride home wasn't as fun this time either as the thoughts of winning more money consumed me. My brain was already developing a good relationship with thoughts of the casino.
Days passed, and with my family situation I had more free time on my hands. I was seeing my kids every other day. My days without them all I could think about was heading down to Hollywood. Eventually they overcame and I started going more frequently. Then it turned into everyday I didn't have my kids, I'd head there straight after work. Every time I went I came out 2-4 hundred ahead and it seemed like I couldn't lose. That, paired with taking my mind off of my situation, made it easy to keep going back. By the end of January of this year I had $3500 in hundred dollar bills from my winnings. It excited me to tell my co-workers about my nightly experiences.
Then came the trip where I decided to put my money down on the actual tables. This made me more nervous because I knew there were strict rules to follow when playing at the tables. Hand gestures, etiquette, all that jazz. But other players had told me that's where you make the real money. So I gave it a shot. I laid $800 down and received my chips and went to work. After some ups and downs and a $400 bet I had managed to double my money and cashed in 3 purple chips and a black one ($1600). I was on cloud 9. Winning $800 was so much more exciting than 2-4 hundred. Since that win 2-4 hundred just wouldn't do.
The month of February was up and down. I started making riskier bets, and my bank roll fluctuated between 4-6k. I was starting to miss work because I was so comfortable with my financial situation. My mind was totally consumed with blackjack and how soon I could be back to Hollywood. My winning streak was unbelievable and I felt like I could almost make a living at this.
Fast forward to March 14th, Pi day, a day I'll never forget. I had 8 thousand dollars in cash on top of my fridge. All from blackjack winnings. It was a Wednesday, not my day to have the kids. As you can imagine, I was headed for my home away from home. That day I decided to take every bit of my bankroll in with me. I headed straight for the high stakes tables ($50 minimum per hand). Tonight my luck was exceptional. I hit a few side bet bonuses, hit a couple $500 blackjacks ($750 payout) and had a pocket full of $500 purple chips. It was time for the dealer to shuffle which gave me time to lay my chips out and count up my money. $15,000. I had $15,000 dollars in chips. Well a little over that to be exact but I tipped the dealer a couple hundred and cashed out my 15k.
As I sat out in my car looking at my three rubber banded wads of 5 thousand, I thought about what time it was and how there was no way I was making it to work on time if I went home. What's it matter anyway though I thought to myself. You've got 4 months of income right here in your hand? Go back in with 5k and try to make more! So I left the other two wads locked up in the car and headed back in. I mean why not? I couldn't lose.
Nothing has ever ran dry more quickly than my luck that night. Timing was off. When I bet big I lost, when I bet minimum I won, and couldn't hit a side bet to save my life. At this point in my addiction, and this newfound horrible luck, 5k lasted about an hour. I had never experienced this. It was a horrible feeling. But I knew I still had plenty of reserve waiting in the parking garage. Now any sane mind would have left with the 15k. Any halfway sane mind would have left with the remaining 10k. But my mind went back in with another 5k. Same brick wall though. I switched tables, switched betting patterns, but nothing was working. I soon lost that 5k and was right back out in the parking garage and walking back in with the last wad. I lost 15 grand that night/morning in the course of 6 hours. The feelings of regret were so heavy, chased with the reminder I was losing my wife who I still was very much in love with.
I'd never felt worse. The ride home was so quiet you could have heard flies fucking. I was overwhelmed to the point of no return. I needed that 15k back and I'd do anything possible to get it back. I'll try and be quick about the ending because it's not as fun to talk about. And if you've read this far, kudos to you and thank you. From March 15th to April 23rd I managed a 5k personal loan from my bank, a 2k online high interest personal loan, and the big one, a 7k online high interest, personal loan.
That luck I had March 14th never left, like a bad habit. I squandered 14k of borrowed money in a little over a month. I tried to borrow more money but no one would lend it to me. I had dug myself into a deep hole and my depression and anxiety were more than I could handle. Paired with a nasty drug habit that I won't go into. I had hit rock bottom, not knowing how I would even pay my rent. Online gambling had my checking account at a negative three hundred something balance. I was beyond broke, all my relationships I had left with friends and family had suffered, and at the end of the following month was losing all ties to a life I wanted back so badly.
As I sit here today I'll tell you I haven't gambled a dime since April 23rd (last month). I know it's less than a month but all urges are gone. It took me losing everything to work on gaining it all back. I told my dad everything and he found it in his heart to help me out. Luckily he was in the position to do so. I was smart enough to have him pay for the things directly instead of him just handing me the money. I knew I'd just gamble it and be in an even worse spot. I have a lot of debt to pay back now though. When my house closes in 12 days I'll have enough money to pay almost all of it off. The things I could have done with that money make me sick though. Instead I'll just be writing checks to the banks and still having debt afterwards.
That's what it took for me to stop though. I'm sure one day I'll be back on my feet and happy again and I'm sure the urge to head back to Hollywood will return. I'll fight that demon when it comes. I'm working on building relationships with my kids now and on my days off I have dinner with Mom and Dad. I'm recovering but not forgetting I'm a gambling addict. Thank you for reading. I've read many of your stories and some give me hope, others I can emphasize with and hope you get the help you need. I'm taking it one day at a time and counting my blessings along the way. Life's one hell of a ride!
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How do I draw on my casino marker at the craps/blackjack table?

I've applied for a marker at a local casino for the first time. I'd like to look like I know what I'm doing with it when I get to a table. What is the etiquette/culture for drawing on that marker when I'm at the table? (I play craps, blackjack & bacarrat.) I've heard that you can give hand signals such as holding up one hand (5 fingers) indicates you want to draw $500 or holding up both hands (10 fingers) indicates you want to draw $1k. What should I say; what should I know; what should I do? Thanks in advance!
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DogeVegas: BitVegas Minecraft Server, but for DOGE (Coming Soon!)

Hello my fellow shibe, (Disclaimer: I am new to Reddit in general, so if I say something that is against standard Reddit etiquette, please let me know, so I can correct myself) I'm sure many of you remember BitVegas, which was a Minecraft server that was a generous faucet that also allowed users to deposit and withdraw BTC and play with them on casino games and the like.
I have already programmed almost everything that is needed for the server, like a Dogecoin plugin that integrates with Vault, a Roulette Plugin, a plugin that makes your level show your account balance, etc. I have even created a DogeVegas texture pack from the ground-up. My intentions for the server are to create a self-sustaining faucet that everyone can benefit from, but there are a couple obstacles that I would like some advice before I launch the server (after some more testing): 1) I need a server. I know that there are countless server companies out there, but I would really like to rent from somewhere that accepts DOGE, so the server could almost automatically pay for itself, but all of the dogedirectory hosts and company are out of business. Is there anyone that you would recommend? 2) I live in the US (California to be specific), and we have some online gambling laws. As it stands right now, my understanding is that: a) DOGE is not a currency, it is a commodity, which you can legally "gamble," b) I'm not doing this for profit, so I wouldn't be a casino the normal sense, but instead, users could play the games for a chance at prizes, and losses are like donations to help support the server. I do not think that it would be illegal for me to do this, and I'm considering speaking to a local attorney to be sure, but before I waste the money, is there anything glaring that I have overlooked? 3) I only have roulette. I was considering having a daily or hourly lottery, but other than those two items, there are no games. With the exception of the obvious: Blackjack and Slots, what other games would be good additions for me to add? Preview Image
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First Contact 07

Series page is here
“They risk everything, knowing that there is an almost certainty that they will lose it, all in seeking the promise of a greater prize?” I ask Darius, trying to understand the sheer recklessness of humanity, especially the crowds outside the casinos.
“Yup, Honey.” Darius smiles at me as he opens my door.
I take his extended hand and pull myself up out of the Lyft and onto these ridiculous heels.
What more is there to say apart from “Oh? Thanks” as we head inside?
He wraps his arm around my waist as he normally does, guiding me through the crowds and towards a queue. He looks at me seriously before asking me. “How much are you willing to Wager?”
I look up and see the sign. We are in the queue to exchange 'Credits' for 'Chips'.
“That is a good question, actually.” I blush in his proximity. “I am merely scouting the place out. How much would you recommend?” I have no idea of the odds and the risks seem in excess of anything a right-minded Zetan would be comfortable with.
“Tell ya what; I'll get us 100,000 Credits in chips.” he decides. “I'll buy them from my own pocket. I'm feeling Lucky with you”
“As you wish.” I can't help but roll my eyes at him. that line is what he calls 'flirting' The sooner we finish here, the sooner I can get the parts I need.
Darius makes his transaction, and I examine the 'Chips' that he's given.
“These are a Token of sorts, aren't they?”
“Aye.” Darius smiles as he explains the different colors for different denominations. Red are equal to 50 credits, Green are 250 credits, and black are 1000 credits.
“But the credit chips say that they are only worth 1/10th of their marked value?”
“Because they are marked with the value of pre-war currency.” Darius explains. “The pre-war currency was the Dollar, which had 100 cents, or 10 dimes. Now we use the Credit, valued at equal to a Prewar dime.”
“Understood?!” I nod as he leads me into the fray, the human currency finance lessons will wait. I reach for Darius' hand, so that I don't lose him in the crowds.
Instead he hands me the Tray of chips, tells me to hold them, as he puts his hands on my shoulders.
I feel the strength in his fingertips, and the warmth of his breath as he whispers into my ear. “I'd recommend the Blackjack tables.” he gently turns my head to a table where they are dealing paper 'cards' out. “It's a game with more skill then the Roulette table.”
“Roulette?” I ask back, trying to suppress my arousal. Damned this body gets turned on so easily!
“The spinner game.” he Answers me. “It has too much randomness. Due to the risk to reward payout, with each lost bet you need to at least triple your wager just to break even when you win.”
“But if you do that enough, you'll eventually break even, right?” I ask.
“There's a limit to how much you can wager.” Darius explains. “The odds are in the casino's favor.
“And that Die game there?” I ask him as we walk past a game using 2 cubes.
“Is Craps” Darius says as he guides me forward.
“It looks like crap, but what's it called?” I ask.
“The game name is Craps.” he repeats again. “But how about you watch me play for today, see if you can learn about the game, then I'll teach you properly when we get home.”
“What are you working on, Professor?” Brian returns to vex me further! I swear to whatever god that I am going to blow a fuse at this rate!
“Code.” I give him a single word answer, with as much venom as possible. If he can't get my frustration, then he is an idiot, and I will have to go and get a replacement to do his fucking tasks.
“What Code?” He asks like a fucking moron, oblivious to all social cues I am giving him. He has ONE FUCKING TASK!
I once again save my work, before standing up to face Associate Morris.
“John's code, of course.” I say before realizing that ambiguity will confuse the meat-bag. “The Code John wrote to allow Violet's and my own AI-Cube Software to interact with and control the Gynoid hardware.”
“Is it not good enough?” Brian seems to be mocking either John or I; John's coding or my attempts to optimize and improve on the original.
“John was a half-assed script-kiddie that spliced together modified Open-Source Code.” I groan at him, getting more pissed off by the minute. “I may as well optimize it now.
Brian follows up with “So why aren't-”
“I finishing that first? Needless to say, an AI like myself can re-write it quickly...” I slow my voice down as I explain, despite just wanting to be left alone, to my work. “But. To. Do. That. I. Need. You. To. Do. Your. Part. First.”
“I. Need. Someone. To. Identify. Any. Virtual. Brain. Activity. Irregularities. That. Accompany. The. Code. Error. Messages.” I slam my hand on the table. “English, you wannabe-motherfucker!? Do you understand it?”
Brian Morris stares at me dumbly as I ask him. “Do you understand my English?”
“Yes Ma'am.” He answers me. “Look I'm out if Ritalin...”
“You need more drugs?!” I say as it finally hits me. Of course, he's only like this when he's off his meds. “But you have another weeks worth of them..?”
“Well, about that...” He looks embarrassed. “I've been taking double the last week.”
“Why would you do that?” I ask him to explain his reasoning. I'm trying to figure out what the hell he's thinking – If he even thinking?
“I needed them to focus, to get the job done, so I could impress you and stuff... " he stammers.
Really? He's been trying to impress me? Why the hell..- Ahh. I blush in flattery. But after hearing how he had an affair with John's then girlfriend, I'm NEVER dating him.
“You should have told me sooner.” I said to him. “Now I feel stupid for yelling at you, I'm... I'm Sorry, 'Kay?”
Kneeling down to reach my bottom draw, I unlock it with my swipe-card before reaching in and retrieving another box of Ritalin.
“I had spares just in case we ever needed them; Here you go.” In reality, Takashi used to take them, and had them ordered in the budget. When I took over from him, I never canceled the order. Brilliance and Madness is a fine line, and these help tip the latter to the former.
“Why didn't you just tell me? With me, there is no need for small-talk.” I close the draw with my foot as I stand up.
“But you seem so human..?” Brian says, trying to justify his irrational attachment to etiquette.
“Look, please take the rest of the day off, you can work tomorrow, starting from the normal drug cycle.” I say to him. “And get some rest, for the gods' sake!”
“I'm not tired-” he tries to lie to me. I can see the truth on his face. Is he still trying to Impress me?
“You have bags-ception under your eyes. You make me feel tired just looking at you.” Despite the hilarity OTI, I try to not antagonize autists IRL. I just ask him to. “Please take the day off, I'll use the rest of the day to finish the Gynoid optimization code.”
So I am getting ready for date-night with Jorge, and then I have him call me.
“Jorge, we can chat over dinner.” I answer and put the phone on loud-speaker as I fumble to do up my 'little black dress'.
“'Bout that, one of your Sisters were frozen outside wearing next to nothin'.” He begins.
“For real, Puto?” I scream at the phone. “We have reservations!?”
Si, Senorita. But we have a job-” Jorge answers me.
“Can't she wait until morning?” I huff and just as I get the zip pulled up too! A piece of twine and a paperclip really made it easy.
“Would you wanna have to wait 'til morning?”
Fuck me. I'll slip into my overalls then. I hang-up on the Puto bastard and kick off my heels. I pulled up the skirt to my hips before slipping into my overall jumpsuit. If tonight can be salvaged afterwards, I want to be prepped.
I put on my boots and head to the assigned 'mechanical suite', one of the spare rooms when Father rented the building. We keep the toolkit and a work-bench in there for convenience, but now we are having to do field repairs on someone who should know better. None of my sisters are Organic, so they should know better then this Bullshit!
I see Jet and Sayo-nara carrying the girl whom is covered in blood and instantly see why: She's covered in Blood, her warm overcoat is shredded and her arm seems swollen; A breached loco-motor piston which had water turn to Ice.
“Oh my God...” I utter to Jorge as I glove up and get ready to work. “Who is that?”
“Forty-eight; She was attacked and found frozen outside in the bushes.” He explains. “She's been shut-down, but the urgency comes from the need for a rape-kit...”
“Was she raped?” I ask.
“We dunno, she was offline when we retrieved her.” He admits “We need to preserve the evidence just in case.”
“Ahhh...” Now I know why she couldn't wait. “Alright lets get to work. Should we remove the sleeve and test that, or take it now?”
“Take it first, then she should be thawed out enough to do the Bicep piston replacement.” He says. “Jet already took samples of the blood. He thinks it could be an OS attack.”
“Operating System?”
“No Senorita, Organic Supremacist” Jorge clarifies for me. “I may agree with their ideas, but no-one deserves this... Brutality.”
The situation finally hits me. “Shit, I'm... I'm sorry for going Loco Chika over the phone.” I try to relieve the guilt; I understand exactly why he canceled our plans. In his situation I'd have done the same.
Jorge just gives me a curt nod, his mind focused on the work at hand.
It'll be a long night...
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How to overcome anxiety on birthday?

It's my 21ST birthday at midnight. I'm at a casino with my friends and they want to play blackjack and drink and such. The issue is, I'm so nervous about it. I'm really bad at drinking because I'm very thin and throw up REALLY easily. It's not that I'm sloppy, my stomach just upsets very easily.
Also very nervous about not understanding gambling etiquette
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Tips for a Blackjack Novice?

I have only ever played Blackjack at a casino once. I played £20 and tried to make it last as long as possible. I played the minimum bet each time. I left the table with a loss, which is entirely what I had expected. However, I recently visited the casino again and was interested in playing Blackjack. However, I had turned a profit for the night and didn't want to risk going negative for my night out. So I left the casino. I plan on returning and playing Blackjack. This is where I need some help. I know the basics, but what are some tips you would give a relatively new player to the game? Also I know nothing of casino/blackjack etiquette so if you could let me know about that I would appreciate it.
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I'm going to Vegas for New Year and I have never gambled. What etiquette, customs, tips etc should I know in advance?

For instance, if I wanted to play some blackjack? Etiquette, customs, rules (of the casino tables, not blackjack itself).
I feel like I'd be the clueless person walking into a situation where everyone else knows the score...
Edit: I'm particularly curious about the etiquette for when you first want to sit and play at the table
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Question about table etiquette and when a dealer can hit

A couple questions!
This might sound stupid to ask, but is a simple "hit me", or "stay" at a table in a casino fine? I've seen people tap the table if they want a card, or swipe if they don't want a card....just wondering if there is a specific "etiquette" when being a blackjack player at a table?
Also, does a dealer have to stick on a soft 17 (with an Ace/6 let's say) or does the dealer decide whether or not to draw again?
Sorry if the questions are stupid! Thanks guys!
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EMSKR: Casino Etiquette

I've never gone to a casino before and I don't intend to, but I feel like it's great to know when I make a spontaneous visit.
Nobody wants to be a bumbling jackass in the casino.
How does one act in casinos and what are the general and/or specific Do's and Don't's of casino etiquette.
Eg. Blackjack, Texas holdem, tipping staff, participating players and so on so forth.
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Went to SugarHouse yesterday. My impressions.

Okay, first I get there at around 3:30, 2 hours after it opened. There isn't a line to get in anymore, this should have been my first clue as to how the place feels. It's a single floor flat casino, which is terrible for casinos. Okay, I can look past it, it's uninspiring, but still managable.
It was mobbed, which makes sense. I tried the ATM. On par with the $4.00 fee of other casinos, but they didn't work. I went to the cage to say something and they seriously said to me "Oh, we can give you a cash advanced over there or I can cash a check for you" I asked them "What about the ATMs, I want the money from my account." "Oh right, uhhhhhhhhhhh.... I guess I'll give the company a call." Well, I waited 15 minutes, and still they would not connect. I was also astonished that they didn't put up a sign or something on the ATMs because I saw tens of people trying to use them and getting denied.
Okay, I still want to see how the tables are. So I walked 4 blocks to the Luk Oil to get my money out.
When I got back I had to be carded again, and this time they gave me a pink bracelet to wear. I looked around and saw that everyone who looked under 50 got them (how absurd, overcompensate much?). Okay, I'll wear it.
At the tables I found out that they stick to strict gambling rules. For instance, they wouldn't let me take a single inside bet (or boarder bet) with outside chips. I was even playing quarters ($25). You'd think they'd notice. Craps and Blackjack are similar in rules. That's no fun. Plus the minimum bet is $15, fine, but he maximum bet is $100! Possibly they did that for opening day. But that doesn't make any sense.
The worst of it were the amount of amateurs there. I guess that's what that location will bring, fresh money that's never gambled before, but none of them have any casino etiquette. Pushing and shoving, not helping bets at the roulette and craps tables. Have some self respect people.
True, I did double my money for the 30 mins I stayed there, but I will not be going back. If you're going to put casinos in Philly, make it worth it. I'm personally against the casino being there, Philly is interesting enough that it doesn't need it, it's going to make College students poor (and numb to the experience and excitement of taking a road trip to AC or a weekend trip to Vegas), and it's going to hurt people around the neighborhood (NoLibs... Hipsters? Probably not them, but certainly those in Kensington all the way to Northeast).
It also has no excitement, and you don't "Fly to Philly to gamble", this city has enough to offer it doesn't need casinos.
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[Table] IAmA: I work at a casino, because i'm putting a lot of my identity out, only reasonable questions you'd ask a dealer.

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Date: 2016-02-28
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Questions Answers
So if I haven't actually played Poker but only a few times online, what would you say is the best way to approach a dealer and let them know you're sort of an amateur or would this be a problem for most dealers? This is an excellent question and also the hardest to ask in real life. The best thing to do is first, watch a table for a little bit, and get to know the people and hand gestures. more importantly, if you're going to start gambling, you need to be ready to lose some money. If you're playing a table game like blackjack, tell the dealer "Hey, I don't know how to play, can you help me" and they will, it's out job, and personally I love teaching people.
In poker, sign up for a game and when you get on a table, be ready to lose some money. Don't worry, if you know the general idea of poker you'll get the hang of it quick, but you'll literally need to say "i don't know what i'm doing, what can I do right now." you'll feel stupid at first, but after just 3 or so sessions these people who tought you how to play will suddenly be friends of yours and you'll be joining in on making fun of the new guy with them.
Last of all, ANY questions you have, tell me your state you're in and what casino game you want to learn and I'll give you a detailed rundown including etiquette and regional rules.
I live in Seattle (noticed you said you're in Washington) but have never been to a casino. I don't really like the idea of gambling, but I guess I'd like to go to a casino once to see what it's about. I know a lot of card games, but none of the gambling type games. I really like trick-taking games like Hearts and Rook. Any suggestions? I'd only go if you have family or friends to go with, it's a lot smoother and more fun. Otherwise, i'd go in and find an empty-ish table with a small minimum (usually $5) and then just ask the dealer "Hey what's this game and how do I play" and they'll usually help. Otherwise, blackjack is easy to learn, roulette is really basic as well if you just play black/red and other major bets.
How tight is the casino security? Very tight, oceans makes it seem like those huge casino's have loopholes. Our small casino of $4 mill has every staff member memorized. Before you move any more than 10 grand from a table, or to a table, even if you're a customer, a phone call is made. If you want to steal $100 a day you can do it easy, it's actually been done in many ways, but you get ruined afterward. as for "heisting" a casino, you would literally have to tunnel at a specific time of day, none of that "lifting badges and covering camera's" nonsense. One thing that makes me angry is that in Oceans, they cover an entire area by covering a camera in balloons. When each table is covered by a minimum of 3 cameras, floor areas have 4 view points at all time, you need a lot more balloons.
I worked Surveillance for 5 years at big Midwest Casinos. I could read the serial numbers on a box of cards from 50 ft in the air. Those cameras are no joke. But a lot depends on the operator as well. glad to have a supporting voice, but yes operator does matter too. We have days we can goof off and days we're dead serious just because of surveillance operators.
Darn it. I liked those movies. Oh their still great movies, I think about them every other day at work. How do you watch the oceans series while working in a casino and not try to do your own heist.
Tell you what, you can be my number 8, message me your special skills, i'm sure we have a spot for you
What would be a good amount of money to go to a casino with? Like, if my wife and I wanted to spend a weekend in Vegas, we would set aside money to play with, and leave our debit and credit cards in our room, so how much would be a good amount to go with? In vegas? I'd say $200 a day each minimum, but that's only because you went there, out of your way, you're there to see the sights. If you just go to a local cardroom (if you have any) a one day trip with $100 each will last you 1 to 4 hours and you can have a lot of fun. If you're going to travel to vegas I suggest you make a time of it, bring $600 between the two of you to gamble. Spend one day not gambling at all, just eat food, spend time with each other, go out. Then spend a day gambling, try to take it small, don't go overboard. If you stay a third day, just blow the rest of your cash, have a blast, go sit at a table you don't understand and drunkenly tell the dealer "I have $18 to my name, what can I play". If you and your wife go to vegas, I say follow that pattern and just have fun with it.
What is your favorite game to deal as a dealer, and your favorite game to play as a [previous] gambler...and why for both? Favorite game to deal is probably Pai Gow, It's my best game and I can deal it FAST If you've ever played Pai Gow, let me just say that when you play with myself and some of our other fast dealers, and all the players know what they're doing, it's a whole different game. It's also fun because Dealers try to be faster than the players, so I'll flip out my hand and I'll try to yell out what my hand is before the players see it, it's completely different from the normal slow game of pushing every hand.
My least favorite game is probably baccarat, because where i'm from our baccarat players are very pushy, rude, and demanding, because they're our high rollers.
I like to play Baccarat though, if you've never played before it's hard to explain why it's fun haha.
I've gambled since I was legal to do so. I've continually lost money upwards of $10,000. I've even thought of quitting my well paying job so I can deal to satiate my appetite. How did you break the cycle of gambling? I found something and someone I want my money to go to instead. dealing helps a little bit but you sound like an extreme case. Honestly, call a gambling help line, just one time just to see what they have to say. My idea might not be right but calculate how much you used to spend per month, and spend $100 less each month. For each $100 less you take off, add that money into an account, or into a hobby. If you're like me than the reason you gamble it is because it's there and "I love gambling, where else would I spend this money." I can't think of anywhere I'd spend money except to gamble it, so I've just been trying to plan a vacation for my girlfriend for example. hope it helps, message back again if you want.
What's the most you've seen anyone win or lose? Our highest roller loses around 200,000 a year. But i've never really seen much of it. Me personally, I took $30,000 from a guy on baccarat in about 8 minutes.
He felt trapped, kept upping his bet, next thing you know he's betting $3,000 a hand and loses like 8 hands in a row. i never said a word to him.
Highest win? a nice old lady put 1$ on a jackpot bet and won just over $100,000. she tipped the dealer $10,000. She has spend very little at the casino but is one of our nicest customers, needless to say, even those who didn't get any tip still like her so much just out of respect.
Oof, that sucks for that guy. I wonder if he could afford it. Have you ever felt truly bad for someone, or is it like you're in another place in your mind when at work? He can afford it, he does it every few months. But those who can't afford it lose a lot less. I had a woman break down in tears after telling me she just got a DUI, and lost her job as a driver, and that this was her last $100.
She lost it, and came back in the next week to lose $200 more.
Next week, another $100 and i've seen her at least once a month, and it destroys her.
Aye, gambling addiction is awful :/ thanks for the replies! Thanks for the questions! I lost 6000 last year gambling, so I want to do what i can to give back. I love the gambling community but there's so much information. If you know anyone who needs information let me know
What's the dumbest way you've ever seen anyone try to hide cheating? Oh god, so many ways. People do whats called capping. as a dealer, we go through our table of 6 hands, just 6 hands, 6 numbers to remember. and when we go back through to start paying and your 10 dollar bet is now an 80 dollar bet, dude we remember.
Whats tricky is we don't tell anyone, we have a signal we pull on the table so that whoever pulled the cheat doesn't know we know, so then after that security watches, if it happens again their on high alert and possible even dealing with the police. repeat offenders have been jailed over just adding chips to their bet after seeing they win.
I saw a guy get arrested at the table once. My immediate thought was he was past posting (term I always heard for what you describe above). They're extremely similar, basically the same yeah.
So if someone did it just once they probably wouldn't see any problems? No, capping happens on accident often, if someone thinks they pushed for example and then try to add to their bet afterward. but 3 times in one day is pretty ridiculous and every dealer will be watching you closely after that. if you have a criminal past, we're probably looking at police.
Also anyone who accidentally caps a bet multiple times, we'll usually catch accidentally taking money off a win, which would lose them money. and we politely tell them "we haven't payed you yet" and have them put their money back on so we can pay them in full.
You must have some weird stories about stuff you see when you work, right? My favorite just came in today, I won't name names but he cashes in about $1500 every 15 minutes, and every time he loses, he tells you it's okay and throws you $20. If he wins, he gives you $40 to $80.
As a poor university student, I can't handle that amount of money. 100 bucks a minute, oh boy. Are you generally well tipped? We have good days and bad. I work 25 hours a week and made $44,000 last year. it's tough because it's an ok amount of money, nothing impressive, but we don't work hard or often. You get trapped in the business. I like it but, i'll never be able to give my kids the life my parents gave me if I stick this out.
What do you want to do after? I honestly plan on killing myself but that's pretty short term. But nothing, I have no plans. I'm a 22 year old white male, I don't plan :/
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Etiquette on playing multiple hands in blackjack

My friends and I are heading to Vegas to hit up the casinos for the first time, and I was just curious what the etiquette is behind playing multiple hands at a low stakes blackjack table. I'm guessing it's sort of first come, first served, but I just didn't know if it is frowned upon by other players to be taking up several spots at a table. I'm not an advantage player (just mastering basic strategy), and I'm going more for entertainment than the money making aspect, so I don't want to be a dick to others.
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[Table] IAmA Casino Pit Boss with years of experience in Table Games and Casino Ops and would love to answer questions you may have about the business!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2014-04-08
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Have you ever seen anyone win or lose a life-changing amount of money? If so, how did it go down? I saw a guy lose $1,000,000 once, I actually was dealing when he lost about $200,000 of that in about 15 minutes. It made me sick, but he didn't seem to mind much. Later he attempted to sue the casino because "clearly his drinks were spiked," but he later recanted that.
Also, what's the best way to score some comps? How to get comps: Play for a long time and/or have a strong average bet. Buying in for large amounts and then not playing won't get you comps. Alternatively, be a fun person and the supervisor will probably hook you up because we appreciate the fun (not drunk) people.
What if you are fun and drunk?? Those two words likely don't go together. Trust me, we deal with SO many people every night that if you're drunk we are probably throwing you in with the others no matter what.
I've always wondered about counting cards. People get thrown out for doing it, but it's something that happens entirely in an individual's mind. Surely this is not cheating, and although the casino stands to lose out, they have no right to throw somebody out for doing this. So my question is: Has anyone been caught counting cards at your casino? Were they thrown out? Were they allowed back? What were they told? Counting cards is not cheating at all. You're not doing anything but keeping a running total in your head and basing your play off of that. That being said, casinos are private businesses and can refuse service to anyone for any reason. Yes, people have been caught counting cards. The majority of them aren't that good at it, to be honest, and so we let them think they're getting one over on us (and still lose.) If someone wins "too much" or does too well, they will be approached by senior management and told that they can still play but can no longer play blackjack.
Are there any common tells that you look for when you suspect someone of card counting? Generally I'm looking to see if they deviate from a reasonable basic strategy and have an abnormal success rate on hands where they make questionable plays. At that point I'll run a count as they play and see if they are changing their strategy and/or betting patterns when the count is in their favor.
Are they aloud to keep their winnings? Yes, they get to keep what they've won. They just can't play anymore after that.
What does a player have to play for you to approach them an offer comps? Does that even happen anymore? I usually don't bet that much, is there any chance of me getting some freebies from the pit boss? Honestly these days it's all computerized. Your play (on your players card) determines the comps you get. If it's your first time or your birthday (or you've played and/or lost a lot) you'll get more than you "should."
How can the computer determine your average bet etc.? Like, the computer will know how much you initially put down, but how would it know if you're actually playing each hand? Some casinos (ours included) don't use the electronic betting recognition sofware. If you don't see the dealer pressing a little button before each hand, here's my advice - bet big right at the beginning. A lot of supervisors will put in your average bet when you first sit down and they swipe your players card and then won't adjust your average bet unless you made big changes throughout playing.
Who's your favorite person in the entire world? My favorite person in the world is my lovely girlfriend, who asked me to do this and also supports me in literally every aspect of my life. She's an incredible person, I'll tell you that much!
Is Faee your girlfriend? I smell some colluding going on here. Collusion indeed! It's so true.
No posts in /gonewild I'll save you guys the time. Dear lord.
Have you ever had to permanently ban someone from your casino? What's the craziest way you've seen somebody get banned? We've permanently evicted people for threatening physical violence on other players and/or employees, getting into fights, things like that. A man peed under a blackjack table once; he was evicted and arrested!
I was playing blackjack once and this other got got really mad at my friend for the bet he made, he stood on a soft 16 or something. He immediately knew it was dumb and apologized to the table and the game went on. But this guy kept ranting and I said hey man, chill out. It's over now. He got in my face and wanted to fight, saying lets take this outside. I sat looking at the dealer like sooo are you gonna do something or am I gonna have to hit this guy? In the end the guy backed down but no security or anything came over. We're there people perched in wait or was this casino really shitty and security? It was Wild West in AC. Sounds like a shitty casino. I personally would have told the guy that he either stopped or he was leaving.
What are the chances of me being busted for switching my pass line to the dont pass line, after a point is established? What would typically happen if caught? Police or just booted? Good lord, don't do this. Best-case scenario you get away with it, worst-case scenario you're arrested. You could also get thrown out if they don't want to deal with the cops or it wasn't that large of an amount. But seriously, just bet the don't from the start. You make your money off of the odds anyway.
How often do you find people cheating? What are some of the dumbest/clever ways you have caught someone doing so? Cheating is less common than you may think these days. The technology we employ is really advanced, as most places have upgraded their surveillance tech. We can see a lot now. The best ways that people cheat now aren't by physically manipulating things, but by "taking shots." Little things, things like making a hand signal that could be interpreted as a hit or a stand and then raising a fuss if it doesn't go your way. Most casinos will just give you the money if it's not too much instead of fully investigate it.
The chips have always seemed susceptible to counterfeiting to me. What are the countermeasures that are not apparent. RFID? Some casinos use RFID (they'll have a more plastic feel to them.) Honestly, even high-value casinos' chips are subject to counterfeiting. I've seen stickers replaced, I've even seen people paint lower-denomination chips to look like higher-denomination chips.
Stickers? I have only been to casinos in Australia (Criwn, Star City) , but none of those could have their denomination changed by simply changing the sticker (didn't actually notice any stickers actually) because the whole chip is multicoloured plastic. Ours have stickers on them that could be taken off. They're different colors, though, so you'd have to do something else on top of that.
Does craps have the best odds in the casino if you understand the game well? Been gambling for a few years now and I have found that I typically only win when playing craps. The best odds of all the table games is betting the Don't Pass with max odds behind it. Second-best is the Pass Line with max odds behind it. Those odds are true odds, the casino has ZERO house edge.
Also to add: while the pass/don't pass are great bets, craps also has some of the worst bets in the house. Stay away from the centre action! Very good advice, prop bets are there to mess around with but don't play them if you're playing "smart."
Do the auto-shufflers for blackjack favor the house in any way? I always wonder if it uses a certain algorithm to determine how to shuffle the decks. I HATE auto-shufflers. No, they have no way of knowing how many people are playing at the table or which cards go to the dealer. It's legitimately random, moreso than some dealers who have specific shuffles.
Should I turn around and run away now while I'm still ahead? Don't play to win. Play to enjoy yourself and have a good time. Wins happen, losses happen.
Have you noticed that players who place bets for the dealers do better? A long-time Craps player gave me that advice. He said that getting the dealers involved in the game increases his luck. The dealers appreciate the bets, but it doesn't help your odds. It's an illusion of luck. But by all means, tip the dealers!
How closely are you (or other pit bosses) looking for card counters? If I'm counting and you notice, what's a good way for me to know that you spotted me? Thanks! Honestly, I'm probably not looking unless you're winning a large amount or you're making really large swings in your bets. I won't let you know if I suspect you, I'll have already called surveillance and they'll be running down (counting along) on the next shoe to see what you're doing. If you see security or people in suits near your table, just color up and leave. They won't do anything to you, but they're preparing to talk to you about what they've found and might back you off.
Ever have to lay down a beating on some unruly folk? I wish! That's old-school, before my time. If we beat up someone who was unruly the state would shut us down, guaranteed.
Why is it than when I double-down at Blackjack table, sometimes the dealer will let me have the card down while others insist its shown. Is there an industry standard? I see no disadvantage to a casino to let me have it down, it adds a bit of excitement for me. Different casinos have different rules. Ours used to mandate it face-up, but now we let you have it face-down.
How bad are the odds or win rates for slot machines? I feel like you are just throwing away money. Not saying that other casino games are better . What was your best perk being a pit boss? Most states will publish the odds for slot machines. Honestly most machines at reputable places (as in not bars) will have a return rate of 95-98%. That's a lower house edge than carnival games or even roulette.
The best perk? Honestly, that it pays well and I don't actually have to DO too much, haha.
Sooo, which casino game do you believe has the best odds for the player? Where do I have the best chance to win money? I mentioned this elsewhere, but the don't with max odds on craps. Or the pass line with max odds. Or blackjack with perfect basic strategy.
I'm not a big table player, however I do enjoy standing back and watching friends. I've noticed in some games, especially blackjack, that there are "unwritten rules". i.e. what hands to hit/stay or split. Not everyone follows them and I've witnessed some players loudly get upset by another players style of play. What role does the casino have in these breaches of table etiquette? I'm fine with people making "dumb" moves. Generally the dealer will say "Are you suuure?" if someone is about to split up their 20 or something like that. Other players do get mad when someone does something, but we protect our players. If someone wants to make a nonstandard or risky move, they have every right to. I personally wouldn't let a player berate another player, and it has nothing to do with the casino's interests.
I see anecdotal reports every once in a while about the facial recongition used by casinos, how good is it really? I'm also interested in what it is used for other than the obvious - tracking known card counters is an obvious one but in what ways is it used that aren't so easily guessed. Facial recognition software has always been pretty strong going back for quite a while now. There aren't really too many ways it's used other than for people who have cheated or who have overall suspicious behavior. That's the only reason we'd want to run the software on someone.
I rarely tip at the craps table, but anytime the point is even I throw a two-way hardway, I realize that it is probably not ideal for the dealers and its not like I am forced to tip; but is that somewhat acceptable in the stickman world? If you're putting the crew up on any bet they're happy, I promise. A large percentage of dice players don't tip. Any two-way bet is appreciated!
I'm going to Vegas for the first time in about 2 months. I really only know how to play black jack and texas hold em, but I really don't want to play poker for hours on end while I'm there. 1) Will dealers (or customers) get mad if i stand and watch a game for a few minutes before sitting down? The only time players will get mad is if you're right on top of them. Stand back, see if you can get a pamphlet on the rules of the game you're watching, or just ask the dealers or supervisors! Honestly, they want you to play - not because they want to take your money, but because it's fun to teach and show someone. As for "easy" games, roulette is pretty easy to learn, dice is the most fun but can be overwhelming, carnival games (Three Card Poker, Mississippi Stud) are very easy since they're all poker-based.
How many people get thrown out in an average night? I'd guess 2-3 people on a weekend night. The people that get "thrown out" are usually 12 or 24-hour evictions for intoxication.
Also, do you have any special training in counting cards? Special training in counting cards? No, the casino didn't offer me training. I had to show that I could to become a Pit, though.
Have you ever stopped someone from playing who is obviously a gambling addict? Are you, or any other casino employee trained to spot the signs of gambling addiction? We're not allowed to tell someone that we think they have a problem, but we can respond if they tell us they do. We have paperwork on it, we're trained to spot it (chasing losses, claiming to bet money they can't afford, etc) and we also have a hotline they can call. Additionally, players can fill out self-exclusion paperwork banning themselves from the casino if they feel they can't gamble responsibly. If they come back while banned, they can and will be arrested for trespassing.
What is your take on the advent of legalized on-line gambling in some states? Do you see this affecting you or your bottom line? Is this the "job stealer" the Pols are carping about, or is this just another throw away issue to fill warchests and line cheap-suit pockets in the year before an election? I don't see online gambling ruining brick-and-mortar casinos at all. People like coming for the experience, it's not just the gambling.
Do you gamble at all, and if so, what's your favourite game? I like my roulette, there's nothing like the rush of adrenaline when you're on a losing streak and your strategy is to double down until you win. I don't gamble, sorry! I used to play poker a ton, and I also really love Pai Gow even though it has an absurdly high push rate per hand.
When you say it pays very well, what do you mean? what's the starting salary like and how rapidly does it increment if you do a good job? Table Games pays VERY well compared to other departments. Your housekeeping and security is probably making $10-$12/hr (more than they would at non-casino businesses, but still) and your slot techs are probably making $14 or so an hour. Dealers with the toke rate start above $20/hr, and as you go up (supervisors don't make tips where I work and at most places, although some places give supervisors a cut of it) you make more. Especially for the amount of work I do, I get paid well.
Would I get in trouble for ordering a 7&7 from the waitress? Do they kick people out for doing unlucky things? You wouldn't get in trouble at all. Just turn away from the table. Although for comedy purposes, the waitress could come back and say "7&7?" as she brought the drink really loudly, then the table sevens out and blames her.
I was once playing Casino War (yeah I know) and a dealer actually peeked at my card BEFORE dealing it. She saw it was an ACE and told me to bet everything I had. Needless to say, I won the hand. Have you seen anything crazy like that in your travels? Before I started working at my current place I heard a story that happened there where the dealer was using their back foot to stop the Big Six wheel (never play Big Six; happy it's gone) early which meant that the people playing knew where it would stop. He was physically handcuffed at the table and arrested. DON'T CHEAT.
For someone like me, who is underage at the moment but would like to visit Vegas in the future when I can actually get the full "Vegas experience", what do you suggest if I find myself in a casino? What is proper casino etiquette? I usually try to be courteous to anyone around me at events and such, but is there anything special I should know? Any "taboo" subjects I should stay away from in conversation at a table? Are there any specific games/areas you recommend staying away from? Either because that's where most of the unruly people flock to, or because the experience of playing is not worth the odds of losing? You can just push a chip forward and say "For you." They'll thank you and drop it! -Not really, no. Play what you want! Stay away from unruly people in general, wherever they may be. Enjoy yourself!
How much money would be a decent amount to bring? Not in the sense that I'm hoping to win big, but in the sense that I'd like to experience as much of the casino as I can without going over-board. Bring whatever you'd be willing to lose. Go to a casino with low limits, bring a couple hundred bucks. Do NOT bring an ATM card.
What's the saddest thing you've seen, working at a casino? Years ago a guy was playing blackjack. He lost, left, and then came back with five crumpled up $1 bills so that he could make a $5 bet. He lost, was gone for another hour, and then came back and did it again.
I'm okay with people who come every day, some people enjoy it. But I hate to see people play with money they shouldn't bet with.
I've heard of apps that are available on cell phones where you surreptitiously hit a button for a high card, a middle or low...the phone silently vibrates when the card count is high? Basically one keeps the phone in his jacket/sweatshirt and hit the appropriate buttons as the cards are dealt Encountered those? There's a reason most places don't allow electronic devices at the table. If you were constantly looking at your phone I'd consider that a tell.
I recently turned 21, I have played a lot of card games, and tried to dip my feet in Blackjack and Poker. What is some general casino etiquette I should know? I've never been to one before. What kind of bankroll should I go there with? Craps sounds like a ton of fun but all the guides I've read are pretty confusing, and I have no idea how to play other than reading this thread/other places on the Internet. Like, I essentially imagine myself walking into this big place being totally lost and confused. What could you tell me that would make my first time going more enjoyable? It's a lot less stressful than you're worried about. Go in, talk to people, enjoy yourself. It's seriously not that big of a deal, just enjoy your first time! Bring an amount you're okay with losing. Don't bring your ATM card in. Don't chase losses (I know I just lost my last bet but I know I can win the next one!)
Has a casino ever been robbed while you were working? Not that I'm aware of!
One day i was walking around the strip after midnight on a tuesday, with 2 friends. we went to the bellagio, and ended up walking around the (mostly vacant) floor, buying some drinks, getting really drunk, and walking around the artsy stuff. the glass garden, the cirque du soleil sculptures in that museum. A security guard came by to the museum, when we were inside, and closed the door. the lights turned off and we got locked in. i started freaking out. ive never had anything happen like this before. The girl that was with me said its ok, theres a door to the back end right here- lets see if it opens. it opened. We ended up walking through the back end of the casino, past the dishwashing and laundry and various kitchens, and got lost trying to get back to the floor (theres not really any signs back there telling you where you are or where youre going to go) We were about to ask a room service guy for some help getting back to the floor, but before we got anywhere with that (he only spoke spanish? might have been just a dishwasher), we were in a weird situation. five or six of those men in blacks with earpieces, walking a money-box with a floor manager, from the floor to the vault (i presume, i dont know how this works). the MIBs asked us a bunch of questions, determined we werent there to intercept them, and one of them guided us back to the floor, and told us to have a good time and try to keep from getting locked in off-limits areas again. i thanked him a lot and then i decided, me and my tourist friends were just going to take a straight walk from where we were, to the nearest exit to the street. it took us past the high roller slots area first, and then past the dollar video poker area. as we passed these areas, they were opening the machines and unloading their cash, and loading up cash carts with the cash. at least 2 of the MIBs recognized us, and started doing their 'always around you, but appearing to just be crossing your path while doing their thing' act. i started getting scared, and we collectively decided to hurry the fuck up and get the fuck back out of this building, we probably just looked like some idiots trying to drunkenly do oceans 11. When we went to treasure island to get back to the parking garage and start our mission home, the MIBs in the vacant casino floor all kept crossing our paths, it was really fucking bizarre. To this day, 4 years later, i am still scared to go to bellagio, because i still notice the security/mibs/whatever crossing my path much more often than i ever noticed before walking up to a loaded cash cart in the backrom on accident while drunk at like 1 am on a tuesday. Should i be afraid? are the mibs really following me around, still? did i actually scare them by appearing to have some sort of their 'cash-loading' schedule? am i just being paranoid and none of this happened, and was just exacerbated by drunkenness and being somewhere i knew i was not supposed to be at a time that large sums of cash money were being moved around? It's in your head. The day of, they probably kept tabs on you because you happened to be in an off-limits area with a money transfer. Now, they wouldn't remember or care.
How much, on average, does a casino make on slots? Also, how does all this money transaction work? Is there a big computer network the machines and tables are connected to? It depends on the casino. Most places I've worked bring in 60-90% of their floor revenue from slots (10-40$ from tables.) Smaller places pull in six-figures per day easily, even on slower days.
Ever send someone off to look for a left-handed roulette ball? "Hey, new guy, we need you to find the wheel grease. Go ask the shift manager." YES I HAVE.
My buddy was playing craps one night and had about 25-35 rolls i think( about 30-40 minutes worth of rolls I'd guess), the craps table officials or whatever you call them started to get pist off/angry and started yelling(not yelling, but loud pestering) at him to throw asap before people could even get their bets on the table/ their bets winnings, is this typical to throw off the guy because hes winning a bunch (went up like $800 and if he threw like 3 more times it would have been like 1.5k with a bunch of other people at the table winning as well)or were they just being dicks? Edit: Also the dealers got pist he didn't give them a tip after he finally lost because they were being assholes(he was pretty awesome about tipping the first 20 throws or so till the dealers became douches). Is this part of the dealers job since he was winning to get him flustered and lose? It's not part of the dealers' jobs to berate someone that's winning. The only things that should bother a good dice dealer are when people are throwing in tons of late bets or are being rude. If you're winning, good for you! Keep winning! Sounds like they were just being jerks.
Do you remember any card counters in particular that you had to call the pit boss on? Any obvious large bet spreads that caught your attention at the blackjack table? Most interesting blackjack story? Thanks very interesting stuff. It's me, I'm the pit boss. I've come across a couple. The most recent one is a lady that our surveillance ran a report on and concluded that she's definitely counting. She's not that good at it, though, so we let her go because even though she bets big she doesn't actually win. We have the camera on her every time she plays, though.
What is the most popular "carnival" table game your casino has? Also how many tables does your location have? Any new games that have come out which seem fun? Mississippi Stud, by far. It used to be Three Card, but it's all about Mississippi Stud now. Total tables at our place is ~40 or so. We haven't had too many new games, lately it's just been adding bonus bets to existing games (three card bonus bets on pretty much all of our carnival games now.)
What's the craziest tip you've ever received as a dealer? Does the casino monitor these generosities? Most casinos have a tip policy. I can't accept chips or money at all (dealers can accept chips, obviously.) We can't accept non-monetary gifts with a value of over $50 as well.
As a dealer, I've been tipped in orange ($1,000) chips before by high-limit players.
How often do people try and cheat and has the amount of peolle trying to cheat declined since you first started working in a casino? It's hard to say. The amount of people cheating with old methods (counting cards, etc) has declined. The amount of people taking shots (pretending they didn't want that hit, things like that) has increased, but it's harder to prove.
Other than the obvious of betting as much on every hand as possible or increasing my hands an hour... is there any other way to increase or maximize my comp rating? There really aren't ways to maximize it. Increasing your hands per hour won't matter to the computer system, you'd honestly be better off betting more at a slower table because then it shows a higher average bet over a longer period of time.
What table game gives the most bang for the buck as far as comp pay back? As for which table games are the best, avoid mini-bacc, pai gow, and any game where you have to add bets as the hand goes on (some carnival games.)
Would you ever gamble at a casino after your experience? Would I? Yeah, knowing the odds wouldn't prevent me from doing it or anything. I just don't have a desire to do it.
Whats the best way about getting a job in a casino? I am interested in being a poker dealer, should I attend a school or will the casino offer my training? You apply when a job is available and when a casino is starting/advertising a "dealer school." Some places will offer the training which is usually free, but you're not technically hired until after the class.
I hope you see this tomorrow and I didn't miss where it may have been answered- what kind of training, considering the free drink culture, do dealers get so they cut someone off if they are drunk? Not even obviously, but if the casino as a whole is giving free drinks, isn't every employee required to at least have a reasonable knowledge of who is incapacitated or not? Great question! Everyone has to get a responsible alcohol server card, even people that don't serve drinks. It's a basic class that goes over how to spot intoxication, drinks per hour, things like that. People who can serve drinks also have to have a bar card. Where I work, dealers and supervisors can't cut people off. The Pit calls a Beverage Supervisor who makes that call.
Related question: do you think the days of free drinks in casinos are numbered? On a couple of Vegas podcasts I listen to, this has been discussed, especially in relation to the guy suing Downtown Grand over his losses on Super Bowl weekend. The thought is that one of the biggies (MGM, Caesars) might experiment with eliminating free drinks. And if one of them does it, the other biggie will follow suit, and then all the little guys would probably eventually follow along as well. Your thoughts? It's an interesting question. Some places in the US don't serve free drinks. Everywhere is different. I don't foresee it actually taking, it's a pretty big part of "the experience."
What would be the best table game for a beginner? I love Mississippi Stud, but I would love to start branching out. My goal is to play live Texas Hold 'Em and win a hand, but I'd love to learn them all. All carnival games are the same. Let It Ride is reverse Mississippi Stud, all the other games like Three Card and Flop are just variants of poker. Live poker is a little different, you can read and learn about it! There's always blackjack, which is simple and fun.
How many tables do you have per FM? At my casino it's moved from 4-16. 16 tables per supervisor? Different casinos have different terminology, ours has a floor per 4-6 tables and then a pit that oversees it all. 16 seems crazy to me.
Yeah well it used to be 2-4 but there's been a lot of staff cuts. We have 3 pits on the main floor, each containing 10-16 tables, and there's 1 FM per pit, 1-2 roamers and 2-3 pit managers floating around + doing the roster for dealers. Interesting. We have about 40 tables total across multiple pits, but only one pit manager who oversees it all and runs the pencil/rosteroadmap. 1-3 floors per pit, depending on the size (4-6 tables per floor)
As a dealer, would you rather have someone tip you a $5 chip, or make a $5 bet for the dealer? Personally, I'd like the tip instead of the bet. One of the places I worked at trained the dealers to always take it instead of betting it. Those bets have house odds; give me the money!
How high tech is the security? The show Las Vegas makes it look like over the top csi levels of technology. TV shows are dumb. We have cameras everywhere that can zoom in pretty well (no ENHANCE! ENHANCE!) Huge places in Vegas probably do have very sophisticated technology, we're smaller and so we have tons of cameras, security, electronic locks and vaults, things like that.
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I've looked through many of the previous casino-related submissions, but I still have some questions...

My questions primarily pertain to Blackjack. Also, for what it's worth, I'm going to Charlestown, WV. So here it goes:
That's about it for now. If anyone has been to Charlestown and has any helpful information about gambling procedures there, I would greatly appreciate it.
Thanks in advance!
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Blackjack Etiquette Casino Etiquette for Playing Blackjack - YouTube 8 Things To Never Do At A Blackjack Table! - YouTube What to Expect When You Walk Up to a Casino Table Game ...

Casino blackjack etiquette - Die TOP Favoriten unter den verglichenenCasino blackjack etiquette! Alles erdenkliche was auch immer du beim Begriff Casino blackjack etiquette erfahren wolltest, siehst du bei uns - ergänzt durch die genauesten Casino blackjack etiquette Vergleiche. In die Gesamtbewertung zählt viele Eigenarten, zum finalen Testergebniss. Gerade unser Testsieger sticht aus den ... Étiquette de Casino Blackjack. Il y a quelques règles que tous les joueurs doivent respecter s'ils veulent observer une étiquette de blackjack convenable. Tout d'abord, il ne faut jamais interrompre un jeu pour acheter des pièces ; il est toujours mieux de s'en procurer entre les mains et de savoir combien et comment vous les voulez. Ensuite, il faut éviter de toucher les cartes si elles ... Blackjack Etiquette. So we’ve covered the rules and we know exactly what we’re trying to achieve and the ways and means of getting there – you’re good to go, right? Well, not exactly. The most confusing part of blackjack isn’t the rules, but rather the etiquette that goes with the game that put many off. It may seem a little over the top, but with so many players out to dupe the ... If you hope to gain an advantage when playing blackjack, learning casino etiquette is very important. Unfortunately, playing blackjack online won’t help much, since the dealers are computers and you can behave however you like. This guide is therefore your number one source for learning blackjack casino table manners. Proper Casino Etiquette . Talking is a touchy subject around blackjack ... Yet, there is something about playing blackjack in a landbased casino that is impossible to replicate online. To enjoy yourself to the fullest, however, you must follow proper etiquette at the table. This makes the entire experience pleasanter for everyone involved and spares you the hassles of having to deal with angry casino personnel. Pit bosses and blackjack dealers are usually ... Blackjack Etiquette. 15 rules and rituals they don’t teach you in the books by Rob Wiser . I remember my first visit to Atlantic City, many years ago. It was on the Boardwalk that I stepped inside a casino for the first time, packing a pocketful of cash with visions of beating the house. Blackjack was the game I wanted to play. I’d read about it in books and understood the basics, but, as ... Online Blackjack Site Map. Black Diamond Casino US Players Accepted - Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin Deposits Welcome Slots Capital USA Players Accepted - Accepts Credit Card Deposits - Tons of Slots CasinoMax USA-friendly, accepts US players, credit card deposits, bitcoin and more. Mobile gaming - play on your phone. Blackjack Menu. US Players and Credit Card Deposits Accepted! Blackjack Etiquette ... Played well, blackjack becomes a game of skill in a casino full of games of chance. Studies of millions of computer-generated hands have yielded a strategy for when to hit, when to stand, when to double, when to split. This strategy can take the house edge down to about 0.5 percent in a six-deck game -- and lower in games with fewer decks. In a single-deck game in which the dealer stands on ... Blackjack Etiquette. When it comes down to discussing blackjack etiquette, I find that it makes more sense to the people I’m sharing it to when I tell them what NOT to do. So if you’re making your way to the blackjack tables for the first time, I highly recommend reading my 10 tips below. That way you’re more likely to make friends at the ... If you've come to casino games via your desktop or mobile phone, you might not know the subtle dos and don'ts of betting in a land-based casino.

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Blackjack Etiquette

Blackjack Etiquette. Blackjack Etiquette. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Remove all; Disconnect; The next video ... Are you intimidate when you walk up to a blackjack table? Are you so confused that you won't even try to play a casino game? This video is perfect for all of... Casino Etiquette for Playing Blackjack. Part of the series: How to Play Basic Blackjack. Learn some tips and pointers for maintaining good etiquette at the c... Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, discuss 8 things to never do at a blackjack table. They explain why you should never do these eight th...