Casino chip and method of making - GRAVES; JOHN W.

The exact manufacturing process is kept a secret by the manufacturers themselves and varies from one to another. It can be a time consuming and expensive process in many cases. The outer parts of the casino chips are formed from removing part of the casino chip and replacing it with a different colour material rather than using simple paint. This can be done individually per chip or otherwise Unlike other high-quality clay chip manufacturers, they focus less on the casino market and more on the home poker chip market because their small manufacturing operations, which are based in Maine, are more suited to handle smaller orders. Blue Chip. The Blue Chip Company (BCC) is located in Las Vegas, Nevada and was founded by Charles Endy, the brother of Paul Endy (the founder of Paulson Our Process Industries CAREERS Contact Us Small Parts BIG DIFFERENCE. As a recognized leader in precision machining, Chips Manufacturing is a collaborative and innovative manufacturing partner for OEMs, medical and dental parts, switches, gauges, and the HVAC industry. We excel at manufacturing precision components ranging from high volume production to proof-of-concept. REQUEST A QUOTE Home of the World's best chip, Game On Chip Company is a leading provider for custom ceramic gaming chips. We are featured in casinos worldwide with our chips being used in poker tournaments, black jack games, craps, and other table games. We have an assortment of sizes and styles from 39mm - 47mm and plaques. Casino chips have come a long way since the time they had first been introduced. Over the years as technology has advanced and new production methods have been introduced, the process of chips manufacturing has changed a lot.. When it comes to gambling and chips most people tend to get confused between poker chips and the Casino Grade chips.These are two different chips types but both are Ceramic poker chips are made from high-grade plastic and ceramic material that gives you the weight and feel of casino grade poker chips. Mandy ceramic poker chips are made from blanks to finished products by the unique molds with specifications in our own factory. Mandy ceramic poker chips are available with different casino sizes, including 39mm ceramic poker chips, 43mm ceramic poker chips Inlay design is the most important component of the manufacturing process and each chip is designed by a team of artists. Claysmith ensures that every inlay design employs cutting edge techniques and that each chip appears as if it could have come direct from the casino floor. Every inlay tells a story and evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Edge Spots Claysmith employs a four color approach to This invention is embodied in a game or casino chip of the type commonly referred to as a poker or casino chip and the method of manufacturing the same in a multi-staged molding process including two separate injection molding operations. The chip is integrally constructed having a distinctively colored central or intermediate portion of a first thermoplastic material around which an outer Disclosed is a casino chip with an antitheft and antiforgery function and a method of manufacturing such chips. The casino chip is provided with an RF tag circuit which is capable of exposing an offender, by means of an electronic security system consisting of transmitters and receivers, when the offender steals authorized chips from a casino or wrongfully uses forged chips in the casino. The iron curtain in the casino business extends all the way out to the very chips that you use on the floor, and the manufacturing process of casino chips is a tightly kept industry secret. This writer has been sworn to a lifetime of secrecy by the Arch Templar of the International Gaming Consortium, and the consequences of breaking such an oath borders on macabre. But I digress… Fortunately

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