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Was arrested at Hardrock Seminole Casino, racial profiling?

New Year’s Day, I’m at a black Jack table playing with some friends. Table manager asks if anyone has an account, I hand my ID over to be checked in. They proceed to hold my ID for about 30 minutes saying “something came up”. Apparently I had been lifetime banned at the Seminole Classic casino, which I was not aware of. I was escorted off the premises once, never arrested. I had played at the Hardrock casino a couple times since this incident, so I found it strange that something now came up. Keep in mind I had no alcohol while at the casino and I was not being disruptive in the slightest. I waited patiently for them to give me my ID back, upon which some suit tells me “he no longer has my ID and to ask the security guard.” The security guards tell me to wait, I wait, all of a sudden a police officer shows up and before I know it tells me I am being arrested for trespassing. Is this a New Years thing or what? I was not drunk or disorderly and was never asked to leave, in fact I was asked to wait, just so they could arrest me? This is also my first ever arrest and I am completely distraught about the circumstances behind it because I feel it was unjustified and racially motivated. I self bonded and was released only until the next day, made to stay in a cell overnight. What’s with this system?
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Do Florida Casinos have Prop players?

Do you know if any casinos in Florida hire proposition players? If so, do you know if there are any at Hardrock Seminole Hollywood, FL?
Going to play there in a few days.
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My Review of HardRock Hollywood's Poker Room

Was just down in Ft. Lauderdale this weekend and got a chance to visit Seminole Hollywood HardRock. Overall, a fantastic room and would definitely go back. However, I'll break it down into specific segments because some aspects were better than others.
** The Room **
The poker room itself is gorgeous. It looks like something out of Casino Royale. Very nice lighting, (marble?) floors and walls, non-smoking (but with a patio for smokers), smells nice, clean bathrooms. You can tell they put a lot of attention to detail. The reason I mention these things is because not everywhere is like that. Seminole HardRock in Tampa has a darker kind of lighting and theme. The casinos I go to here in Michigan are usually very smoky.
One thing I will say is the room is a little tucked away. I would have preferred if it was closer to the table games. Although, it is in the mall part of the hotel. There are tons of nice shops, bars, and even a dance club right next the poker room. So the room gets an AA rating from me.
** Dealers, Floor and Service **
The dealers were a mix of competent and incompetent. I'd say half of them were perfectly professional, the other half needed some improvement. I played 3 sessions for a total of 7 hours, and had something like 6 misdeals. A few times the dealers did a very bad job of keeping the action in order. I was playing Holdem the 2nd night, and the guy to my right kept acting out of turn. I raised his river donk lead and he insta-folded even though there was another player left in the hand (obviously he wants the other guy to call to see if I was bluffing). After the hand was over I asked the dealer, "you gonna do anyting about this?" because it was the 5th time he'd acted out of turn. The dealer literally shrugged. And that wasn't the only session where players were acting out of turn and the dealers weren't doing much proactively about it. Dealers get a JJ rating. Good enough, but wouldn't place too much faith in them.
The floor got involved twice when I was there, and I think they handled it perfectly. First time was on holdem. Guy posts his small blind, gets dealt in, gets up to go get food, and the dealer folds him since he wasn't at the table. Guy gets mad, floor comes over, calmly explains that you will get mucked if you're not at the table, and moved on. Second time was at PLO. Guy opens, I 3bet KKds, a guy who limped starts pushing forward calling chips and the opener immediately says "POT". The guy was going to call pulls his chips back trying to save himself 60 bucks. The dealer says no, that stays in. Cue argument. Floor is called, and says, you have complete your action. Flustered, the guy decides to repot instead lmao. But yeah they handled it very well. Floor gets an AK rating: very slick.
I gotta say, the drinks were expensive. Like $18 for a vodka-redbull (can not included). $10 for a beer. Maybe that's normal price down there, but seems like a scam. The waitress staff were all thicc, and were wearing push-up dresses and mini skirts. Which was distracting in a good way. The service staff gets a 69s rating from me: pretty to look at, not much value.
** The Players **
The players are action action action. Not as good as some of the home games I go to, but fuck do these fucks like to gambol. However, a lot of them have little to no manners. I got slow rolled twice in marginal pots for no apparent reason. One guy shoves a king high flush draw on the turn, binks the river, and then gets up and starts gloating to the other player. He sits down and says to the dealer, "I knew there was a reason why you good looking" and the dealer just looked uncomfortable lol. A lot of aggressive table talk too. That, along with how people drive, leads me to believe being assholish is just a part of the culture. So the players get a T9s rating: love to play 'em, but don't take 'em seriously.
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Poker vacation destination?

Wife and I are looking for somewhere to go for our tenth anniversary. She wants; warm, sun, big pool. I want the same and poker.
Any suggestions for destinations? We're in Seattle and Puerto Vallarta Mexico is a standard go to for us. But not many options for poker there.
We are considering Atlantis Bahamas, which is at least an extra $1000. Stayed at Hard Rock Dominican Republic once, did not care much for the water there.
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Writing 'Native Americans' Into Popular Fiction: A Fan Perspective on the 'American School of Magic'

Recently, J.K. Rowling had this to say on the American school of magic.
Apparently the school has "relevance" to the "Native-American-Indian culture", "the name is of immigrant origin", and "indigenous magic was important in the founding of the school". Rowling also claimed, "if I say which tribes, location is revealed".
The first thing that concerned me is that Rowling used the term "American Indian" to refer to American tribes. However, the preferred term by U.S. natives is Native American, and in Canada, the tribes are known as First Nation peoples.
As I posted on another thread, it also concerns me that Rowling was born and raised as a British woman, with a British education. From what I know, she also lives in the UK, and only travels to the US seldomly. UK children, from my knowledge, are really not taught much about Native American tribes. That's more so American history. Even in the US, not much Native American history is taught in public (and private) schools, as much is focused on the "white narrative" of the country.
To compare myself to Rowling, I am a born American, with a similar education and upbringing to Rowling (college-educated white female), and most Native American history was scant in school. It had to be learned more so in college (American or Native American History). It's probably more likely that an American would know more about Native American history than a British person.
Even then, for anyone who knows anything about Native American history, it is clear that the past relations between Natives and white "immigrant" settlers (colonials) has been a long, bloody one, fraught with mistrust and warring. From the time that English settlers stepped foot at Roanoke (Virginia), and later Jamestown (Virginia) and Plymouth (Massachusetts), this has been so. The aptly named "French and Indian War" is evident of this as well, and that's not even counting later battles, such as Custer's Last Stand. For a very long time, Native Americans have been deceived, forced out, mistreated, mocked, and even killed by "immigrant" white settlers.
In the end, those Natives that resisted the US Government's attempt to drive them off their lands were hunted and killed (see Battle of the Little Bighorn, just one example among countless others), and the rest forced on to reservations - often times, land that not many wanted.
Even today, a great majority of Native Americans live on reservations, forced into poverty, poor education, and few options. There is one exception, the Seminole Tribe of Florida, which I will get to below.
To sum up my concern, Rowling is taking a huge risk to herself (and the Harry Potter series and world) by introducing a school of magic "founded with Native American magic, but with an immigrant name". It is already questionable for her to introduce such a connection, due the fact that she is British-born and raised, with no known Native American ancestry to boot. Should she forgo consulting Native American history experts, tribesmen, and elders, the use of Native American names and/or symbols by a non-native author may prove a harmful form of ethnic stereotyping. That, in turn, would promote misunderstanding and prejudice, which contributes to other problems faced by Native Americans today.
As a LOTR fan would put it, "One does not simply write about Native Americans in popular fiction". Especially when it is a "wizarding school with an 'immigrant' name".
One prime example of why this should not be done is Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Saga books and films, which controversially uses the Quileute, Makah, Ticuna, and Mapuche native American tribes.
Meyer's work and portrayal of such tribes has also been heavily criticized by Native Americans in various articles, some of which you can read here, here, and here.
Stephenie Meyer is American, and even she didn't get it right. While the popularity of the Twilight Saga brought fresh blood and money into La Push, the main town on the Quileute reservation, it is a temporary solution to a widespread problem (reservation poverty) that needs a permanent fix.
For example, Native Americans are, unfortunately, one of the poorest minorities (in both wealth and education) in America. The sole exception seems to be the Seminole tribe in my home state of Florida, which was not only never defeated by the US military, but owns and operates the multi-million (billion?) dollar, international Hard Rock casino franchise.
Time and time again, the Seminole Tribe of Florida have proven their ability to strengthen their position in an evolving world. A sovereign government with an elected Tribal Council, the Seminole Tribe has achieved remarkable success since it became the first U.S. Indian Tribe to open high stakes bingo halls in 1979. In 2004, the Seminole Tribe opened two Seminole Hard Rock Hotels and Casinos in Florida. With the March 2007 acquisition of the Hard Rock brand, the Seminole Tribe of Florida added the prestige of one of the worlds most respected brands.
It's the perfect marriage of two kindred spirits. Like the Seminoles, Hard Rock's philosophy has always been based on strong values, including the importance of being authentic and independent and a shared service for preserving our wildlife and protecting the planet. Building on its rich heritage of courageous and groundbreaking achievements, the Seminole Tribe of Florida is now poised to expand its horizon even further, to all corners of the globe. (Hard Rock Cafe official website)
For one, I would certainly hope that the school of magic, if it does have "indigenous magic", does involve the Seminole Tribe in its founding. Logically, the Seminole Tribe would be one of the only tribes (if not the only tribe) rich and influential enough to even fund such a school of magic, especially into the modern day. Rowling also mentioned "tribes", as in "more than one tribe", and technically, the Seminoles are just that. According to Wikipedia, the Seminole tribe "emerged in a process of ethnogenesis out of [different] groups of Native Americans, most significantly Creek from what are now northern Muscogee".
As the Seminole tribe have a branch in Florida - including influence via the Hard Rock casino franchise in Orlando, the home of the first WWOHP - it is the tribe that makes the most sense for Rowling to write on. From my knowledge, Rowling did visit Florida (Orlando) at least once in the past while the original WWOHP was being constructed. It would be easy for her to take a detour to the local Hard Rock Cafe - located in CityWalk, in front of Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure/WWOHP - or even to the Seminole reservation itself.
tl;dnr: Rowling is opening a rather large can of worms and taking a huge risk in including an American school of magic with "an immigrant name, but Native American founding/influences"; the Seminole Tribe is a possible candidate for the "tribes" mentioned by Rowling.
As an added note, I may get downvotes for this, but it is fact that, whenever someone not of Native descent tends to write about Natives in any way in popular fiction, it has a large potential to stir up controversy. Controversy that may not be good for the Harry Potter franchise as a whole.
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The thrills of Hollywood, Florida begin at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Located just miles from the historic beaches of Hollywood, our hotel packs a punch of entertainment, dining, and poolside flair for those seeking a glamorous escape. Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood – Jetzt einfach, schell & sicher buchen bei HOTEL DE! Günstige Preise Exklusive Businessrabatte bis zu 30 % NEU: Miles & More Prämienmeilen bei jeder Buchung! A fully integrated, energized, local's casino experience. 2,000 Las Vegas-style slots. 70 live table games with blackjack, baccarat, poker & more. Seven dining options plus two lounges and a 1,200-seat entertainment venue. Play. Dine. Entertain. Indulge your senses at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s fine dining restaurants. Available day and night, innovative menus include fresh, inspiring cuisine served daily, alongside award-winning wine lists. Please select one of our restaurants to book a table. Council Oak. The Rez Grill . Cipresso. ROCK SPA® & SALON. The Spa is now located on the second floor of the East Hotel near the ... Das Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino befindet sich 11,7 km vom Hollywood Beach entfernt. WLAN nutzen Sie kostenfrei. Eine Minibar, ein Flachbild-TV und eine iPod-Dockingstation sowie Massivholzmöbel, Lederelemente sowie ein musikalisches Dekor gehören zur Standardausstattung in den Zimmern des Seminole Hard Rock. In einigen Zimmern genießen Sie Poolblick. Im Rock Spa® erwarten Sie Beauty ... Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood unveiled a $1.5 billion expansion boasting more than 1,200 luxury guest rooms in three hotel towers, including the first-ever Guitar Hotel. Catch the biggest names in entertainment in the 7,000-capacity Hard Rock Live. Enjoy one of the integrated resort’s many amenities including 18 acres of pools, a luxury spa and salon, dozens of contemporary and ... Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino besitzt 481 Zimmer mit folgender Ausstattung: Videospielkonsolen und Zimmersafes. Die Betten in den Zimmern haben Pillowtop-Matratzen und hochwertige Bettwaren. Neben Flachbildfernseher mit Premium-Kabelempfang bieten die Zimmer die folgenden Angebote und/oder technischen Geräte: Pay-TV. Zur Badausstattung gehören Duschwannen, Bademäntel, kostenlose ... Employee Worked at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL at the time of review. What I dislike The company does not give a crap about their employees and 11 years since they have been open they have been through over 16,000 employees so you do the math. Indulge your senses at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino’s fine dining restaurants. Available day and night, innovative menus include fresh, inspiring cuisine served daily, alongside award-winning wine lists. Please select one of our restaurants to book a table.

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Pictures of the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino (and Paradise Entertainment Complex attached to casino). #guitarhotel #happinessisalifestyle Join us for a little Staycation as we check into the Seminole Hollywood Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The new guitar shaped h... Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Grand Re-opening - Duration: 3:29. WPLG Local 10 15,157 views. 3:29. Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Guitar Hotel Light Show Test - Duration: 10:01. ... Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Light ShowWelcome to my Channel everyone. Hope you enjoy watching for my other video. Please give this video a big thumbs u... Seminole Hardrock Guitar Hotel pool Tour #Guitarhotel #Casinohotel #Hardrockseminole At Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa, we're all about living life out loud. We're constantly throwing parties and rocking out with some of the hottest bands to ever grace the stage. Here, we ... Seminole police deployed a Taser as they took into custody a man accused of taking another man’s keys and then resisting arrest. A witness who shot the video... Welcome to the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino page. It's for fans of Hard Rock, excellent music, great food, and good times. Be democratic, irreverent, passionate, unpredictable, and authentic ... The world's first guitar-shaped hotel rocked its grand opening in Hollywood, FL - rising 450' into the air with an integrated video lighting system DCL incor... 🔴 $25K LIVESTREAM HIGH LIMIT SLOT PLAY FROM SEMINOLE HARD ROCK TAMPA 🔴Lightning Cash High Limit slot machine, slot machine handpay jackpot, Las Vegas casin...